Welcome to the  Ama Digiafropreneur – (I am a Digiafropreneur).

The blog that express true African Designs by Africans.

In this blog, I will explain the thought behind my essay question. I do not merely want to create a questionnaire (which is most of the time less engaging), but to create a community where we can all share our views and find ways of solving our problems.

At present, I am thinking of having Ama Digiafropreneur on various social media: instagram, facebook and twitter.

Although this endeavour is particularly for my essay, I would like to have the theme:

The Subaltern are talking.

With the subtopic: Challenges in creative practice. 

In connection with my essay, I am looking for African and African Diaspora individuals who are under 30, who have not started their freelancing or practice prior to 2012.

Now you might be wondering who is Bennardo Santos.

I’m the founder and managing director at PriDegree Designs

I am currently pursing my Masters in Graphic Design, at University of Hertfordshire through IDI.

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