About me

I am interested in running and operating my multidimensional graphic design studio to a level where it is fully independent financially. (At the moment, I still depend on my day job, which I am satisfied with, however I am not planning on working in my current job for the next ten years). My graphic design studio presently provides animation, web design, corporate identity and illustration services.

Furthermore, I would like to learn more effective ways to successfully incorporate social media into my business. I would like to operate an online school, where I can teach entrepreneurs the importance of graphic design solutions for their businesses, and how to effectively incorporate social media into their business. Similarly, finding online payment channels or systems that would enable Namibian freelance graphic designers to accept oversea payments.

At present, one can receive the money in a virtual bank, but one cannot withdraw it. I would like to continue my research on Postcolonial Studies, as well as how it affects the contemporary African and African Diaspora. I know already about this topic as, I have studied Postcolonial theory during my final year. Postcolonial theory aims to challenge and destabilise the western ideologies, which were once regarded as superior to that of all the other nations. The notion of the ‘other’ comes into play, in order to qualify the dogmatic western ideologies that were used to justify the barbaric motives, actions and treatments that the colonised received from the colonisers. Within Postcolonialism the concepts of hybridity, cultural hegemony and subaltern are discussed. My aims for this research is to provide solutions to the limitations which the contemporary Africans and African Diasporas are facing in order to eventually create an online training school, and an online community for constant interaction and the establishment of a fund, to provide financial assistance where possible.

The elements that really interest me about my topic, is the effect of colonialism, which is still evident in a subtle manner, in the lives of the descendants of the once colonised. As well as, the limiting mentality to believe that one is limited, because of one’s past and who one is – a man of colour. Similarly, the external factors that prevent the descendants of colonial victims to grow, and flourish in comparison to the descendants of the colonisers.

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