Finding ways where there seems to be no ways

170310_100826I will never forget the days, I spend on the school porch, making using of the school WIFI. . I spent there hours, but I did not care, for what I was working on was more important. I was a private University, which closed at 16:30. I had inquired about it, but it clear to me that he University cannot afford, to provide an extra room after hours.

Our school did not provide accommodation. Therefore, we international students had to find residence at student residence, rent a room in a student house ( which were very difficult to get), or rent out a room from someone’s house. Usually student residence is usually expensive, and most of the time unconducive for studies, it always made me wonder what some people went to do there. It’s always about partying, eating, watching tv and more tv and more tv. There was one girl would watch Big Brother 24/7. Before school she is there, after school she is there, even when you take a break. Doesn’t she ever sleep – every time always on that couch.

In 2012, I had an internship at Inkfish Design Studio, and having learnt so much, I had decided that it was better to own my own studio, rather than work for someone else. Inkfish was great, but I thought what will happen when I get back home, and what if I do not get a studio like Inkfish and at what studio will I be working at, for whom, and for how much. In 2013, I started with first year, had accommodation problems – which I will share another day – that led me to get a job at Ocean Basket Kloof Street. Working there just fuelled my ambition even more to own my own studio.

At that point in life, I had never had a computer, my mother could not afford one, my extend family was not interested in assisting or whatsoever. Since 2003, where the dream of BKDS first surfaced, I kept drawing and writing all my ideas on paper and filling them.  One month in the job, I was informed that the Namibian Student Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) had finally paid in. They always pay, but never on time. Since February, when school started, I was informed that I was awarded a “10% bursary” for performing well, in last year’s modules; on top of that, I also got credit exemption for Applied Colour and Design theory.

After, I got the amount which was paid in, and working now. I was determined more than ever to buy my computer.  At first, I just wanted any computer, but then I thought, why not a Mac? When I calculate the reminder, after I had paid my tuition fees.  It would not be enough for a MacBook Pro, but now I was working, even though the rate was not so good – since I could only work in the night, and most of the time I was late, as I had to come first from school, all the way from Claremont to CBD, and then walk from all the way from Grand Parade to Upper Kloof Street (I actually ran most of the time) – I should be able to get it. In addition, winter was approaching – so a few customers and less tourists. I finally got my laptop in May 2013.

During June or July the Adobe GoCreate finally announced their winners (when writing this I just realised that I wrote a post back in 2012).  I thought all my hard work went in vain, but I later got an email that I was awarded a R500 voucher for anything at Digicape and the expiring date was something like the following year.  I waited until I could the R600, and then bought my Wacom graphic tablet.

In August, I stumbled upon a few freelancing sites, including Design Crowd. At first I was not sure, but I sent in my design any way. From there, they kept sending me contest updates. In December, I bought my all in one printer, copier and scanner.

In January new owners took over Ocean Basket, and they just turned everything upside down. They were more money driven, rather than people driven, destroying the whole concept of Ocean Basket Kloof Street. Amongst the changes was: letting go of students who could only be available for night shift. I had a word with the one of the new partners, and by the favour of God, I he agreed to keep me on; but it was second year, and we were introduced to the Animation Workshop, on top of that they removed the wages and I had moved to Kenilworth. So, I could not continue there anymore. My school was more important, and animation-hand-drawing was not so fun. I can still feel my fingers aching from repeatedly drawing the next frame.

Finally, I had my laptop, graphic tablet and printer – nothing could stop me. Unfortunately, when I went to Kenilworth, there was no internet in the apartment that I was renting. Luckily, the whole entire CTI moved to our building (MGI) and wifi coverage was extended. So, I could sit outside and do my work.

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