Reviving the African Identity

Today, I finally handed in my assignment. It is not what I expected, however, I got the job done. The main aims of the paper was to analyse ways in which Africans and African Diasporas were reviving their African Identities. Identity in this context refers to how one and the agency to be creative.

I wanted to link what current Africans and African Diasporas are creating or designing with what ancient Africa used to do prior to the arrival of the westerners and colonialism.

It was very interesting to find out that contemporary Africans and African Diasporas are indeed making using of ancient African Themes (patterns, styles, symbols and colour and thought processes).

One of the topics I dealt was on Ife Heads.

One of the points I mentioned that I wanted to rectify was the influence of Cultural Hegemony on University  level. The structure or learning path is designed in such a way that studies and theories on Africa are studied towards the end and are not given full attention, comparing to the New York School of Design or the Swiss School of Design or even the Arts and Craft Movement.  During our third year of study, African Aesthetics was the last topic and little or no attention was given to it. It was merely tried as the “I need to expose you to this since its part of the syllabus “, but even if I did, you will not  loss points. Fortunately, something good did come out that exposure.

Next week I will continue with The Ife Heads.

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