Sindiso Nyoni

Ama digiafropreneur is not only about African diasporas, but any individual of African descent expressing themselves digitally through any relations to Africa either socially, economically, educationally and politically.

This week we will be looking at Sindiso Nyoni.



Sindiso Nyoni (see figure 2) is a graphic designer specialising in illustrations, of Zimbabwean origin, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Although better known as a graphic artist, Nyoni is an independent graphic design freelancer, supported by a diverse portfolio of commercial work (Hunkin 2015). Nyoni, had direct encounters with colonialism, seeing that he is a social activist, who experienced the Zimbabwean struggle against colonial repression, and internal conflicts between his tribe the – Ndebele (minority) – and the Shona tribe (Hunkin 2015). Furthermore, this situation led to his forced exile to Johannesburg (, 2015). Nyoni has been active since 2005 and his art and designs depict his anger with the militant ZANU-PF party which is ruling in Zimbabwe (, 2015).


Nyoni’s style combines traditional and digital media, while commenting on history. As a result, he named his style Guerilla art and works under the alias R!OT. It is however, the manner in which he comments on social issues that makes him an impactful illustrator (, 2015).

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