A sit at the table

Nawadein Logo-01

Nawadein logo by PriDegree Designs

This week, I have been doing research on my lasted project Nawadein; and funny enough I ran into the Century Guild. It was amazing was to find that fighting get a sit at the table did not start with us and it is not a racial, geographic or social phenomena; it is based on time. With each paradigm shift comes a new challenge.

Below is an abstract from my research. See how

The Hobby Horse was a 1884, Century Guild publication featuring the work of its members and was the first finely printed magazine devoted to the visual arts.  The Hobby Horse sought to proclaim the philosophy and goals of the Century Guild, so as the Nawadein website the Nawadein mission and aims. Its careful layout and typesetting, handmade paper and intricate woodblock illustrations made it the harbinger of the growing Arts and Crafts interest in typography, graphic design and print (Meggs & Purvis  2012: 179)

In the January 1887 issue in an article entitled “On the Unity of Art”,  Selwyn Image passionately argued “that all forms of visual expression deserved the status of art”. He suggested that “the unknown inventor of patterns to decorate a wall or water pot” who “employs himself in representing abstract lines and masses” deserves equal claim to being called an artist as the painter Raphael, who represented “the human form and the highest human interests”’ (Meggs & Purvis  2012: 181).


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