Ama Digiafropreneur is a platform where African and African Diasporas, can discuss challenges which they are facing: as creative individuals or design studios, and in setting up their own creative practices. Ama Digiafropreneur is an initiative of PriDegree Design Studio to identify problems which African and African Diasporas are experiencing, in terms of being independent employers or self-employed, in order to provide meaningful and bottom-up solutions.

I’m Bennardo Santos the creator of Ama Digiafropreneur.  In this blog, I will explain the thoughts behind Ama Digiafropreneur . The main aim is to create a community where we can all share our views and find meaning ways of solving our problems.

At present, Ama Digiafropreneur is on various social media: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, and Linkedin.

Now you might be wondering who is Bennardo Santos.I’m the founder and managing director at PriDegree Designs. I am currently pursing my Masters in Graphic Design, at University of Hertfordshire through IDI.